Photo by Naturally Newborn Photography 

I keep my sizing true to baby sizing. The majority of my fabric choices are high quality high stretch knit fabric. Which is great when accommodating multiple sizes. The few outfits using fabric that isn't as stretchy will offer multiple size options. The straps and waists on my outfits are all adjustable. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. 

Here are a few frequently asked sizing questions:

 "My baby fits in a 12M. Should I go with a 6-12 months or 12-18 months?"  

- I Suggest to go with the 12-18M. My 6-12M would fit up to a 12M, but will be a little snug. This is more beneficial for photographers trying to accommodate different baby sizing within that range. 

♡ "Why do some outfits have more sizes offered than others ?" 

- The few outfits offering more sizes than the others uses fabric that isn't as stretchy as my other fabric choices. 

"My Baby's size is not offered. Is it possible to get an outfit in that size?"

-Yes, you certainly can.  Any Custom cut for 3T and up will be an extra $20 charge.  You can send your request HERE. 

 "I would like a romper with custom measurements. What measurements do I provide and how do I take the measurements? " 

- As we all know it is a hope and a prayer to get a little one to be still for even 10 seconds. So, I have come up with a full proof solution that has not steered my clients wrong. 

  1. Get one of your baby's onesies. 
  2. Make sure this onesie fits your baby well. 
  3. Lay the onesie on a flat surface. 
  4. Get a measuring tape and measure across the chest, as well as from the center neck to the crotch.                   You can send your baby's measurements & info  HERE.